Interview to Javier Rivarola - Design and poetic

Javier Rivarola's commitment to the design process is intense and passionate.

For him, the creative genesis is an object of permanent study, in which he concentrates an important part of his reflective thinking.

In this interview -among other topics that work as an introduction and context- he deals with analyzing the way he designs, with his intimacies, his stages, his alternatives and his particularities.

Man of intense passions, Rivarola confesses that he designs all the time, 24 hours a day. And even, sometimes - in moments of great enthusiasm -, while sleeping, unconsciously, in those diffuse hours prior to awakening. And also, of course, in the middle of other daily activities.

Professional of intuitive beginnings, his process begins in the head - that is to say without sketches, graphs or notes -, until arriving at a point of concretion satisfactory in which happens to design directly in the computer. From here, and yes, the process becomes thorough, strict and systematic.

With an affable and attractive conviction, Rivarola entrusts to us, throughout this interview, the guiding concepts that mark the course of his work. Among them, the absolute awareness that Architecture must condense all the complexity of today's world. Or the exhaustive, final judgment that differentiates mere construction of Architecture. Crossroads in front of which he proposes that true architecture begins when Poetics appears.

Here, then, the thought of a committed professional who maintains that architecture is an artistic fact. That is to say, architecture is Art.

A lucid and captivating vision that will be an invaluable stimulus for the task of architects, teachers and students.

Architect Javier Rivarola

Author of an important and internationally recognized work, Javier Rivarola exercises his profession in the fields of Architecture and Urban Design. With a strong vocation for design, he conceives the constructive process as an inseparable whole that guarantees the efficacy and virtue of the result, in a total integration to which he imposes a high standard of quality and excellence. Specialized in works of functional and constructive complexity, the Beale Street Landing of Memphis (Texas, USA) marked a turning point in his career, which installed him in a place of undisputed relevance.

Rivarola integrates the RTN study (together with its partners Gustavo Trosman and Ricardo Norton), from Buenos Aires, Argentina.